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We understand that navigating the vast skincare industry can be overwhelming with the myriad of options available.


That’s why we not only provide bespoke, result-driven treatments but also educate our clients about their skin. This empowers you to make informed decisions that are best suited for your individual skin needs.

Whether you are seeking a medically-driven treatment, a luxurious and relaxing experience, or simply want to maintain healthy skin, we offer something for everyone.

All our treatments are designed using medical-grade technology to ensure optimal results.

At Jessica Stagg Skin, Microblading & Wellbeing Clinic, we also specialise in treating small skin lesions such as milia, skin tags, and warts.


Please contact us to book an appointment and discover how we can assist you. Prices vary depending on the type and size of the lesion being treated.

One of the aspects we cherish most about the skin care industry is the ability to facilitate life-changing transformations, both physically and mentally, enhancing both internal and external confidence.


Our goal is to help people become the best versions of themselves. We also value building personal relationships with my clients; understanding their lives and bodies as a whole is essential to comprehending their skin needs. This approach helps us cultivate a strong, supportive community of clients.

"With extensive experience working in aesthetic clinics, owning clinics, and collaborating with top aestheticians, skin specialists, doctors, and dermatologists, I have developed a profound expertise that shapes the exceptional care I provide today."

The Process:

Step 1

Face to face or virtually detailed consultation and skin analysis. we will go over all skin concerns, medical history, treatment plan, educate you on your skin, ingredients and expectations

Step 2

Skin care, suppliments, treatments and regular reviews on how you are getting on within your skin journey.

Step 3

After pictures and on going treatment plan

What can we treat? 

We can treat various concerns such as acne, pigmentation, aging, dehydration, oiliness, congestion, scarring, stretch marks, skin tags, inflammation, and even skin tones and textures. 

If you have a skin concern and would like to know if we are able to treat it, please get in contact with us, and we will be able to assess.

We work with top-of-the-range brands such as ZO Skin Care, Image Skin Care, Dermalux LED, Hetility, MediChecks, and many more. 

Treatment price starts from:

Consultation free of charge (£25.00 deposit)

1 treatment from £69.00

A course of 3-6 treatments is recommended. The price will be confirmed in consultation.

Lymphatic drainage full body massage suit can be added into the treatment for an extra £10.00

Our lymphatic drainage suit adds that extra length of luxury to your facial treatments. This suit wraps around the body in your facial treatment and almost 'massages' your whole body at the same time as having your treatment. not only does it enhance relaxation, but it is great for detoxing the body, removing waste and fluid retention, aids relaxation, encourages bloody flow around the body, and will work great alongside your facial treatment to encourage wound healing. 

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