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Step 1

Full consultation, brow analysis and going over all consent forms, medical history and to ensure the treatment is safe to go ahead with realistic expectations.

All relevant skin test will be provided.

Step 2

1st Appointment will including drawing on of the eyebrow outline, facial measurements and pigment selection and providing 1 out of the 2 treatments which is required for Microblading. Once client is happy with the end result, we re book between 5-8 weeks later for top up.

Step 3

2nd treatment will ensure brow definition, have a look at how well the brows have help on to pigment which will allow us to advise when is best for top ups. Make any minor tweeks if needed.

Microblading is a form of semi permanent make up where we insert pigment into the epidermis to create natural hair stroke looking eyebrows which lasts 9-12 months. The reason why it is semi permanent is because pigment goes into the epidermis, over the course of a few weeks/ months the epidermal layers move up in the skin and shed away which will shed away the pigment causing them to fade. The good thing about microblading is that we use pigments to suit hair color, eye color and skin types. Due to microblading being semi permanent it is also great for when fashions and peoples views change which means that when you come in for top ups we can slightly change the brow if needed. We work with your own eyebrow hair which means no eyebrow hair is taken away unless the brows are needing to be shaped prior to treatment. Microblading requires 2 treatments around 4-6 weeks apart. This is because the pigment fades up to 70 % after the first treatment. Your brows will go through a healing process over the first few weeks and you will notice that your eyebrows will slightly scab and the pigment will fade. After your second treatment will be when you reach the desired look, you will then need to come back around 6-9 months for top ups depending on your skin type. Dryer and mature skin tends to hold pigment a little better than younger and oilyer skin as skin cell renewal in dryer and maturer skin is a lot slower than younger skin which means it takes longer for the brows to fade. Some people just naturally hold onto pigment better than others. 


The reason why ink tattoo brows last longer is because ink goes into the dermis which means it takes a lot longer for the ink to fade. The down sides about using an ink is that it's the green/ grey tattoo like color.

Microblading is brilliant for natural looking brows, over plucked brows, and to reshape and re define natural brows. Microblading is brilliant for people who draw on there eyebrows but just remember that microblading is natural so if you want a full block look then you may have to draw them on very slightly a few weeks after treatment to deepen the colour if needed.

Microblading is an absolute brilliant treatment, it changes people's confidence, it gives the shape in there face, defines there brows, amazing for over plucked and thin brows, it's also amazing to add more definition and colour in eyebrows that already have hair. This treatment is brilliant for no make up days and holidays! In terms of realistic expectations, semi permanent make up is natural and gives your natural eyebrows shape and definition, if you want your eyebrows to stay as defined as the first few weeks of getting them done then you may need to come back more regularly for small top ups at a discounted rate to maintain the definition, do not be dishearten when the pigment fades within the first 4 weeks of having your first microblading treatment as it will not be until a few weeks after the 2 treatment process that you will see the best benefits.

£299.00 for the first two treatments 

£145.00 for top up treatments


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