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Lets talk Acne

Jess talks with Chronic Acne Sufferer, turned Skin Specialist, Entrepeneur and Makeup Artist, Ella Gorton of ‘My Skin Story Skin Clinic’, about all things acne and the RIGHT way to tackle it! Beat the breakout as we talk about Acne-tackling tips, from diet and lifestyle, to skincare, and specialists. Ella started by sharing her own Acne Journey on Instagram (@_myskinstory), to keep on top of her progress, raise awareness and and build a community to help others going through the same thing. As her page and community grew, and she cleared up her skin, she grew too - as a person, and a businesswoman. Now she owns her clinic specialising in helping others with acne-prone and problematic skin! Ella’s Instagram - @_Myskinstory

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