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Let me simplify how to get major results with most skin concerns...

Let me simplify how to get major results with most skin concerns...

Although each of these points can lead on to much more information, I am going to simply to you the general principles of skin health.

1st. We want to look at the clients life style and medical history. We do not need a rocket scientist to know that the skin is a window the body and anything that is going on internally will be play a part on the skin. Hormone imbalance, stress levels, diet, lifestyle, where people live, medication, jobs etc.. With this information we can educate our clients on what is going on and small ways to improve. This will also help to provide realistic expectations. It is amazing how you can improve the skin just by looking at internal health.

2nd. Repairing their acid mantle and skin barrier defence system. MOST clients who come into the clinic will have an impaired acid mantle and skin barrier unless they are already looking after their skin or have a good lifestyle/medical history. Our acid mantle is there to stop things getting into the skin which we do not want in, and stops things from leaving the skin which we do not want to leave. Looking after the acid mantle also helps to lock in moisture, protect the skin and allow our skin cells to do their job. Many reasons why people notice skin concerns such as dehydration, break outs, inflammation, congestion, over production of oil tends to stem from an impaired acid mantle. Things that can help improve this? Drinking lots of water, exercise, good home care routine, SPF, improving life style habits, eating lots of greens, Vitamin intake, skin treatments.

3rd. Stimulate the lymphatic system and the blood supply. By stimulating the lymphatic system it helps to remove any toxic waste from the area, it helps stimulate hydration from the bottom of the skin up, it aids wound healing for the skin, helps to rebuild the Skin barrier defence system and removes fluid retention. Stimulating the bloody supply will bring oxygen and nutrition to the skin from the bottom of the skin upwards. You can stimulate this by facial treatments, facial massage, at home skin devises (recommended by a skin specialist), facial electrics, body movements, drinking lots of water.

4th. Ensure that every person is using home care to repair, protect and rebuild the skin. Many people do not feel like they see results with their skin because they use ingredients to 'fix' there concerns such as Skin brighteners for pigmentation, Salicylic for acne, Retinol for ageing but they are not using SPF to protect their skin and they are not rebuilding there skin health through lifestyle and correct active ingredients.

5th. This of the cells which are causing the concern and using ingredients and treatments to fix them. If you think of any skin concern, most stem from the melanocyte (pigmentation), oil gland (break outs), Fibroblast (Ageing), GAGS (Dehydration), Keratinocyte (Skin cells).

Summary- Internal wellbeing + Skin barrier defence system + Stimulating the blood and lymph + Skin health + Ingredients and treatments targeted to concerns = Optimal results.

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