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How to balance Happiness? (Serotonin)

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter produced in the brain which sends chemical messages around the body, it is found in the digestive system and the blood stream with it being an important part in mood such as happiness, pleasure, relaxation, anxiety and depression.

This talking, low production of serotonin causes a negative effect on the mind and body and higher production and stimulation leads to improved moods and a sense of calmness in your wellbeing.

BUT it is important to maintain a Seratonin ‘drip’ not ‘drop’. Many people experience high high’s and low low’s, they are constantly looking for something to create this serotonin hit… happiness.

What I mean by, we must maintain the ‘drip’ not the ‘drop’ is that when you experience a very high moment it creates a massive serotonin boost in the body, it gives a huge thrill for such a small amount of time. As the serotonin reduces and people look for that next point of happiness it creates a massive decline of serotonin causing very low moods, anxiety, depression, irritability until there next massive high. This is another reason why people fall into drugs, alcohol, bad eating habits and many other pleasurable situations because there looking for the high. Whereas if we can maintain a serotonin ‘drip’ and find ways to keep a nice serotonin balance, this will give a constant sense of happiness, calmness, better way of thinking, better sleeping…

Obviously, we do not know the levels of serotonin in each person body BUT there are things that everyone can do daily to stimulate serotonin at a healthy level.

Benefits of Serotonin in the body;

Regulates mood, fears, anxiety and helps feelings of relaxation, mental focus, learning ability, clarity of thought, sense of wellbeing, clearer thinking, calmness.

In the gut it acts as a hormonal messenger that regulates food cravings, digestion and food absorption.

SO, if serotonin is produced in the brain but found in the GI tract, this means digestion and your gut health plays a MASSIVE role in how serotonin transmits and regulates around the body. Like I say in many other blog posts, and what we hugely talk to our clients about, your gut is your second brain. It holds millions and millions of sensory cells; it is the key transmitter of nutrition and hormones around the body.

So how do we maintain a Serotonin ‘drip’ to maintain happiness rather than a serotonin ‘drop’ through hugely pleasurable events.

· Remind yourself feelings are temporary emotions, enjoy the good times but stay open minded to future emotions and that your going to have amazing days and bad days.

· Accept and appreciate every emotion. Were going to have good days and bad days, we are born to feel happiness, sadness, fear, excitement. You are not constantly meant to be on a complete high.

· Be in the moment, happiness is not a place. It is the people you are around, lifestyle, everyday experiences, learning, the things you read, doing things for you, being who you want to be in the place you want to be in.

· Exercise plays a massive role in removing toxins from the body, relieves stress, tension and anxiety, boosting the digestive system, stimulating bloody circulation which carries serotonin around the body and stimulates serotonin in the brain.

· Try and do small acts of good for people when you can, this will give you a serotonin boost and maintain an ongoing mood boost.

· Diet; Alkalizing the body with lots of greens help to stimulate serotonin and regulate the toxicity in the body. A good healthy diet will remove stress away from the digestive system and allow it to do its job properly. Diet plays a HUGEEE role in the way we feel physically and psychologically.

· Focus on changing habits to create healthy long term life style changes.

· Educate your mind, read books, listen to pod casts, go to events, surround yourself with people who motivate you, inspire you. Be with people who are good for your mental health.

· Yoga- Not only does this exercise stimulate serotonin levels but it helps to calm the mind and be in the moment with your emotions.

· Less time living in technology and more time in nature. Not only does technology stimulate cortisol in the body (the stress hormone) but it plays with our mind watching lives of others. Being in nature fills the body with oxygen, stimulates the blood supply, helps with digestion and allows you to be in the moment with your own thoughts. Nature helps to calm the mind and stimulate serotonin.

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