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Behind the scenes of a modelling career

Jess talks with Model, Skin Philosophy Trainer, Facialist, and Writer Rebecca Pearson - about All things Modelling, Skin, Life, and Relationships. Rebecca gives us an insight into how it really goes down behind the scenes as a professional model. Balancing life and career, Being thrown into difficult situations, suffering with acne (when your job is to look your best), self confidence, dating, changing career paths, and deciding what to do in life and so much more! We can’t all relate to the model life as a career, but it doesn’t matter about the job, the underlying problems, questions and feelings apply across the board.. we can, however, all relate to lacking confidence in ourselves (yes even models!), our career, relationships, expertise, and life in general! So another inspiring women gives her experience and insight onto some of these things Rebecca’s IG: @1RebeccaPearson

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