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Laser Hair Removal

Currently not yet available in clinic but you can subscribe to become a model for training days.


Before your first treatment we will go through a thorough consultation to explain treatment procedure, provide realistic expectation and perform all relevant tests required prior to treatment. 


  • Laser hair removal works by attracting to the pigment in the hair shaft, killing of the hair follicle without damaging surround tissue.

  • Medical grade Diode Laser hair removal machine making the machine safe to treat all skin types.

  • Minimum of 6 treatments required if you have not had laser before, if you have had laser before then recommendations will be provided in consultation.

  • Minimum 80% permanent hair reduction, regular reviews to ensure best results.

  • Great for ingrowing hairs, stimulated hair growth and un wanted hair, shaving rash sufferers.

  • Can be performed all over the body.

  • No more waxing, plucking or shaving. 

  • Is there risk of laser hair removal not working? It is extremely rare for laser hair removal not to work. Hair growth which is stimulated due to hormones will still get great results but will possibly need to come back in for the odd top up treatment.

Price list range from 1 treatment to a course of 6. You will be required to have a course of 6 treatment if you have not had laser hair removal treatments before. 


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